Black Lives Matter.

Black Lives Matter.Bombas stands firmly in support of our Black employees, partners, and the entire Black community. We stand against inequality and racism.

We must all take action for justice against inequality and racism.

As a first step, Bombas is donating $250,000 in the form of five $50,000 donations to five organizations working every day to combat the root causes of systemic inequality in the Black community. These organizations were selected by our Black employees for the varied work they do in the communities where we all work and live.

Starting this year, Bombas will be making Juneteenth an annual paid holiday for our team.

Juneteenth is celebrated every year on June 19 to commemorate the end of slavery in the US. For many in the Black community, it’s a second independence day. A day to celebrate freedom, Black history, and Black culture. It’s important that we all observe what this day represents, as well as reflect on the systemic oppression that still affects the Black community today.
Our Mission Hasn’t Changed

Because of systemic inequality and racism, Black people make up 40% of the homeless population compared with 13% of the general population. Many of our longstanding Giving Partners work hard every day to combat racial injustice as a root cause of homelessness.

How To Help

If you’re looking to find a way to turn your time and energy into constructive support, here are some useful resources.

Our Pledge

We’re looking at ways to further improve our hiring practices and ensure we are continuously educating our team around diversity and inclusion. We’re also taking a second look at all of our partners, from companies we work with, to platforms we promote ourselves on, to make sure our greater network aligns with our core values in support of our Black community.


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